How to Market Your Wedding Photography Business in 2022

It’s crucial to market your wedding photography business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult since there are dozens of other photographers within the area and all look as professional as you. It’s also difficult when you’re new to the industry. Of course, with good marketing, you could easily create a steady flow of traffic (including repeat customers and recommendations). It’s easy to get lost in the marketing world, especially when you have little experience of it; fortunately, there are many simple ways to market effectively. So, how to market your photography business?

Start With Social Media Ads

There are dozens of social media platforms, and you could quite easily post a few ads on them. Whether you gain hundreds of prospective clients each month or a dozen, ads can genuinely be a great source of marketing. You can post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other major social media platform you can think of. These are just as important for your business as wedding photography reviews. It’s crucial to market via social media because ads can attract new clients far and beyond.

Create a website

There is no greater form of advertising (or marketing) than a website. You can create a small website that showcases your talents. The site could list the type of services you provide, costs, and even a few sample photos of previous events. It’s a great way to market and gain new clients. Any wedding photography business needs a website to promote it and attract clients who need your services.

Work with Local Wedding Vendors

Typically, weddings have photographers, caterers, DJs, and more, and that gives you ample opportunity to get recommendations. For example, when someone inquires about your services, you could also recommend a local DJ and them vice versa. Working alongside other vendors could really help you market to a wider audience, especially to those who haven’t already got a photographer (or thought about one). It’s a great way for them to search for your services and if they find positive wedding photography reviews, they may want to hire you. That’s why it’s great to work with other vendors as they’ll help market your services.

Use Sample Albums and Business Cards

It’s important people see your talents – before they hire you. Sometimes, prospective brides and grooms want to know what you can do before they put down a deposit and book you for an event. Having a sample photo album – from a past wedding event – could enable you to market your services to a wider audience. Of course, you need permission to use the photos; however, they can be so effective for your wedding photography business. It’s the same with business cards. These can be given out at your studio.

How to Market Your Wedding Photography Business in 2022

Market To Get Clients

Without marketing, it can be difficult to obtain new clients. Remember, those planning a wedding have lots of services to hire, and if you don’t stand out from the crowd – or market well enough – you’ll be passed by. So, it’s crucial to do what you can to market your business. It isn’t just about handing out business cards or creating ads online but having a website to show your services as well. You can’t also forget about wedding photography reviews and how they could draw in more people too. Visit to read about 9 Tips for Capturing the Big Day.