Essential Equipment for Wedding Photographers

You’ve done your homework and now know what it takes to start up a wedding photography business from scratch. It’s an exciting time because it’s a new adventure and a new chapter in your life. Of course, it’s also a scary time too as there is always something to learn. One of the worst elements for photographers has to be equipped. It’s easy to get a bit lost – or even confused – over what essential equipment you need as a photographer. Some newcomers just believe a camera, steady hand, and computer is enough; however, that’s not quite the case. So, what essential equipment do wedding photographers need?

A Back-Up Camera

Everyone knows how important it is to have a high-quality, digital camera. If you want to make it in the wedding game, this is what you need – it’s your bread and butter. Unfortunately, you also need to have a backup camera in tow. A lot of people don’t think about backup cameras; however, anything can happen to them. You could drop it, lose it, or someone could steal it. That’s a major headache and could prevent you from completing a wedding. That means negative wedding photography reviews which won’t help your business any. Instead, always have a spare (and take it when you go on any assignment).

A Variety of Lenses

This is where a lot of newcomers fail. You have telephoto, wide-angle, prime, and many more types of lenses, and it’s easy to get confused. Sometimes, you just don’t know what is necessary. While some lenses probably aren’t necessary for the wedding photography business, it’s good to have them. Having a good range of lenses can ensure you are ready for any eventuality and shows just how professional you are.

Essential Equipment for Wedding Photographers

Spare Batteries and Memory Cards

You should know how important it is your main camera has a quality memory card with the capacity to hold several thousand photos. Well, you can’t just rely on the same memory card all the time. You might want to keep separate cards for separate events or at least until you’ve backed them up on a hard drive and sent the photos to the clients. Regardless of how you work, it’s essential to always have spare memory cards and batteries. If you want great wedding photography reviews, you’ll always carry a spare. When the batteries unexpected die on you or your car runs out of space, you have spares to carry on.


Whether you’re going to take many group shots or otherwise, it’s good to have a tripod with you. Tripods are essential pieces of equipment because they’re convenient, easy to use, and can enjoy a great wedding photo too. You can stand back, get a nice steady group shot that’ll leave the bride and groom happy. In the wedding photography business, tripods are a necessity. You shouldn’t forget this piece of equipment.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

It’s difficult to know every little piece of essential photography equipment. There are dozens of items that could, potentially, be essential. It’s impossible to list them all because what you class as essential, isn’t as much for another photographer. The truth is that being prepared for any disruption or problem is essential. Sometimes you need to carry extra lighting with you because the venue doesn’t offer sufficient lighting for quality photos. You only want the best wedding photography reviews left too, so you have to be prepared for all eventualities.