Best Harnesses and Straps for Wedding Photographers

Everyone knows how important wedding photography reviews can be to kick-start your business. You focus on such things because it’ll help attract more clients and build a reputation. It’s a necessity of photography; however, equipment is just as important as reviews left by clients. It’s essential to be kitted out so that your job is made easier but also, create the best wedding photographs possible. Harnesses and straps might not initially be an important accessory for you, but they could make your task so much simpler. So, what are a few of the best harnesses or straps for wedding photography?

The Black Rapid Harness

You have probably seen press photographers with similar models, but the Black Rapid harness is one of the more impressive accessories wedding photographers can have today. It spreads the camera weight evenly across the shoulder areas, creating less stress on the upper body. Cameras can hang at your side attached securely to the harness straps. It’s fully adjustable and a secure way to easily – and quickly – access your cameras. Your wedding photography business can benefit from this harness because it makes your job easier.

The Spider Pro Camera Holster

If you want great wedding photography reviews, the Spider Pro camera holster might just help you along. It’s comfortable, durable, and very secure, ensuring you can access your cameras as and when needed. It’s a great option for professionals, especially during a larger wedding event or party. You can keep your dual or single camera system within an arm’s reach and manoeuvre seamlessly. One of the best things about this camera harness is that it gives freedom of movement. You can squat, crouch, sit, or take any pose you like and still not be restricted. It’s a nice little holster to consider, to say the least.

The Sun-Sniper Double Plus Harness

Creating a quality wedding photography business isn’t easy, but this Sun-Sniper DPH – Double Plus Harness is one of the better accessories you can choose. It allows you to hold three cameras at one time and is totally secure. Steel wire has been used to reinforce the strap, so it is reliable and durable. This is a harness fit for professionals and you’ll see just how convenient it can be for your business too. It’s affordable and very useful for busy or overcrowded wedding ceremonies. You’ll be able to switch effortlessly between cameras too.

Are Harnesses Necessary?

A lot of newbies don’t think they need camera straps or harnesses; it’s totally understandable. You’re a photographer and you don’t want to be weighed down with a raft of straps or harnesses. Accessories, however, could make your job somewhat simpler. For instance, a harness can hold two or three cameras at one time and that means they’re all within easy reach. When you need or want to move on to the next, it’s there, ready to be used. You don’t have to set it up and waste a good photo opp. That’s how you gain great wedding photography reviews – by being prepared and snapping every possible moment.

Buy the Best

Straps and harnesses can be as versatile as you need them to be however, it’s essential you find the best for you. It’s important to note that you don’t always have to buy the most expensive, as long as it’s able to do what you need it to. So, take your time to find a photography strap or harness that fits into your business and style of photography. Your wedding photography business can have a greater chance of succeeding with the right accessories, so find the right harness for you.