What Should a Photographer Wear to A Wedding? – Best Tips For 2022

What Should a Photographer Wear to A Wedding? – Best Tips For 2022

Whether you’re new to the wedding photography business or otherwise, it can be difficult to know what to wear to an event. It’s difficult because as a photographer you want to look smart but not overdress. Then again, you don’t want to underdress either. There is a fine line between casual and too casual, and it’s easy to get it all wrong. Of course, you wouldn’t think it matters what the photographer wears; however, it does make a huge difference. So, what should photographers wear while working at a wedding event?

Comfortable Shoes Are a Must

As a wedding photographer, you’re going to be on your feet for several hours at a time. That means you’re going to need suitable foot attire. For example, you are attending an event with over 300 guests. You are going to be mingling throughout the event, taking hundreds of photographs of the guests and the wedding party. You’ve chosen a lovely pair of stiletto heels; unfortunately, your feet are hurt within the first 2-hours. It’s not ideal, to say the least. So, while you want to look good, you need to be comfortable. You want wedding photography reviews to say you were a constant professional, so wear flat, supported shoes.

Comfortable Attire

Whether you’re attending a wedding at a church, private venue, hotel, or on the beach, it’s crucial the clothes you wear are suitable for the occasion. It isn’t just about looking good; it’s about being comfortable. You need room to move without being limited by your clothes. Of course, you can’t turn up in a pair of stained or tattered jeans and a sweater. It’s about something that is appropriate for the occasion. It’ll help put your wedding photography business on the map and ensure the client is happy with the photos too.

What Should a Photographer Wear to A Wedding? – Best Tips For 2022

Casual – And Not Like a Standard Wedding Guest

You are not a wedding guest. You aren’t there to mingle with the groom’s family or get friendly with the bride’s friends. You’re a photographer and should dress as such. It’s crucial to wear casual but smart clothes. Remember, you aren’t a guest there, you’re the photographer. Of course, you have to match the occasion. For instance, you’re at a large formal event where everyone is in topcoat and tails. You could wear a shirt with dress jeans, rather than turn up in an old tee-shirt. This may ensure your wedding photography reviews are positive.

Be Smart and Look Good

Photography is a brutal business. You not only need to obtain the clients but ensure they are left happy too. You want great reviews to ensure potential clients are impressed by the work you’ve done. It’s important that you opt for a casual but smart look, and wear shoes that are comfortable for you to stand around in for several hours of the day. Photographers should blend in with their surroundings so that guests are comfortable acting as they normally would. You get natural-looking photos that keep clients happy, so it’s ideal for your wedding photography business. You can read about How to Market Your Wedding Photography Business in 2022 by clicking here.

5 Best Cameras for Wedding Photography In 2022: Shooting the Big Day

5 Best Cameras for Wedding Photography In 2022: Shooting the Big Day

Whether your wedding photography business is well established or just getting started, it’s essential you have the best camera at your side. Any smart device can capture a moment on film, but only the best should be used for a wedding. A photo can be the best reminder of the special day, especially when a couple reaches their golden age and want to reflect on their time together. When the photos are a disappointment, it can leave a sour taste for years. So, which cameras are best for photographing a wedding?

The Nikon Z5

This gorgeous Nikon full-frame, entry-level Z5 camera offers excellent value for money and quality photographs too.


When you’re looking for wedding photography tips, you’ll never get any better than this – invest in a quality camera. The Nikon entry-level camera is a valuable tool on many fronts. The DSLR is ideal for low light situations and the larger sensor ensures quality photographs at every turn. While the Nikon only offers a 4.5FPS shooting speed, it still should be sufficient for most weddings. You can shoot in 4K video and the 24.3MP sensor brings out accurate details and images. On a brighter note, the Z5 has a dual USH-II backup memory card slot which previous models lacked.

Having the second memory card slot ensures you have plenty of storage solutions for your photos. It makes the Nikon more versatile. The hybrid autofocus system really creates better accuracy while filming and the camera comes with a USB-C charging port also. Images are clean and precise with the Nikon. Since the camera is fully compatible with Nikon’s FTZ adapter, it allows you to use a variety of Nikon’s F mount lenses. That is a useful feature and will ensure that even when your budget is restricted, you are not. It’s a versatile model and one that creates a good sense of quality too.

  • Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor: Full Frame CMOS
  • Megapixels: 24.3MP
  • Lens Mount: Nikon Z
  • Monitor: 3.2-Inch Tilting Touchscreen, 1040K Dots
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 4.5FPS
  • Viewfinder: EVF 3690K DOTS, 100% Coverage. 0.8x Magnification
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K UHD at 30p
  • User Level: Enthusiast


  • Have Dual Card Slots Available
  • Excellent Value for Money for a Full-Frame Camera


  • 4K Video is Cropped
  • Camera Comes with Only 4.5fps Capture Burst

Fujifilm X-S10

Fujifilm’s phase-detection and stable motion create an excellent cropped-sensor camera.


The Fujifilm X-S10 might not have the traditional look as previous models, however, it is a standout camera. It has several similar features as the previous model, X-T30, but the main is the design of the X-S10. The camera has a pronounced handgrip. This is similar to previous X-series cameras; however, it offers a sense of control and stability. You have a 425-point system with an in-body image stabilization system. These features help to create sharper, crisp images.

The X-Series lenses are fantastic and there is a wide range of Fujifilm lenses available to use with the camera too. It’s impressive and certainly helps to create a versatile device. The X-S10 comes with simple customization and body-mounted controls. Overall, the quality of the camera is fantastic as it offers a multitude of angle displays. You have the touchscreen feature, and the screen can fold in. it’s a nice addition and something which delivers better imagery. It makes a great addition to any wedding photography business too.


  • Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor: APS-C
  • Megapixels: 26.1MP
  • Lens Mount: Fujifilm X-Mount
  • Screen: 3-Inch Variable Angle Touchscreen. 1,040,000 Dots
  • Viewfinder: Electronic
  • Max Burst Speed: 20FPS
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K
  • Weight 465g


  • AF Phase Detection for Crisp Imagery
  • In-Body Stable Imagery


  • Not as effective for Video filming
  • Doesn’t Have 4K 60p

Canon EOS 90D

The Canon EOS 90D has a heart and spirit with a range of impressive features to adorn over, even the APS-C sensor can’t dampen the mood.


Canon EOS 90D is a camera to be proud to own. It looks smart and feels pretty modern too. The DSLR and added features are standout aspects. You can enjoy the heightened resolution and 32.5MP sensor, all the while creating quality photographs. When searching for wedding photography tips for improving quality, Canon’s EOS 90D model, has to be a contender. One of the more impressive features of the camera is that it comes with a multi-angle touchscreen.

It ensures easy useability and feels very modern, to say the least. The Dual Pixel AF ensures that no matter what angle you take a photo from, the results are high-quality. The Canon has easy-to-use buttons that shouldn’t confuse most users. It’s all well-spaced but not to the point where you’d struggle to find the button. The AF joystick is a nice addition and there’s a good handgrip too for convenience. While the camera gives off a plastic-type construction, the glass fibre and polycarbonate resin are durable and strong. It’s a great model for those starting out.


  • Type: DSLR
  • Sensor: APS-C
  • Megapixels: 32.5MP
  • Lens Mount: Canon EF
  • Screen: 3-Inch Fully Articulating Touchscreen. 1,040,000 Dots
  • Viewfinder: Optical
  • Max Burst Speed: 10fps
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K
  • Weight 701g


  • An Uncropped 4K Video Feature
  • Touchscreen Interface for Easy Usage


  • Only One Card Slot Available
  • Comes with Limited Buffering Features

Sony Alpha A7 II

An affordable full-frame camera that is smart and efficient, even though it isn’t the latest model to hit the shelves.


Enhancing your wedding photography business is possible with the right tools. The Alpha A7 II might be a little out-dated in comparison to the latest models on the market, but it still remains a quality camera. This isn’t just useful for those on a tight budget, but for those who’re searching for quality. The Alpha A7 II is a full-frame camera with a large sensor too, so the quality of the images is excellent.

The AF system is fantastic too, and one of the more impressive features of the camera. It’s fast but effective, and this is a camera that is dependable in many ways. The A7 II is reliable and offers excellent quality construction too. while it does only offer Full HD rather than 4K – and the burst shooting speed is only 5FPS – it remains a quality camera.


  • Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor: Full-Frame
  • Megapixels: 24.2MP
  • Lens Mount: Sony FE
  • Screen: 3-Inch Tilting Screen. 1,228,000 Dots
  • Viewfinder: Electronic
  • Max Burst Speed: 5FPS
  • Max Video Resolution: Full HD
  • Weight: 556g


  • Affordable and Excellent Value for Money
  • Comes with a Full Frame Sensor


  • Doesn’t Have 4K Video Capabilities, Only Fully HD
  • Only 5FPS

The Nikon D750

While the Nikon D750 is thought of as an older model, it still retains the title of the King of low-light photography.


Despite the Nikon D750 being an older model, it still maintains quality. It’s a fantastic camera for any new or experienced photographer. The D750 is ideal for low light photography and a 24.3MP CMOS sensor; this enhances its ability in low light situations. Of course, with the recent unveiling of the upgraded version of the D750, it has taken a hit but that also means you might be able to pick up a bargain along the way.

The Nikon D750 isn’t overly bulky, in fact, it’s comfortable for most users. It isn’t heavy or difficult to hold, and there is plenty of space between the barrel of the lens and the grip of the camera. This model gives you an effortless way to capture precious wedding moments and while it doesn’t have the latest mirrorless features, it’s a worthy investment for your wedding photography business.

It is, however, important to note that the D750 doesn’t offer a 4K video. While that might be a disappointment, it doesn’t matter for wedding photography. You’re there to shoot photos, not film the day; that’s a job for a videographer, not a photographer. On a plus point, there are dual card slots, so there is sufficient room for photos.


  • Type: DSLR
  • Sensor: Full-Frame
  • Megapixels: 24.2MP
  • Lens Mount: Nikon FX
  • Screen: 3.2-Inch Tilting Screen. 1,228,000 Dots
  • Viewfinder: Optical
  • Max Burst Speed: 6.5FPS
  • Max Video Resolution: Full HD
  • Weight: 750g


  • Comes with a Smooth Grip and Handling
  • Convenient Dual Card Memory Slots for Extended Memory Capacity


  • A Lack of 4K Video
  • No Live View

Find the Right Camera for Your Business

Any photographer is only as good as their equipment. That is why it’s crucial to invest in decent equipment, including a high-quality camera. Far too many photographers start out on the wrong footing and end up paying a heavy price for it. With a small investment in a quality camera, you can really kick-start your business and build a solid reputation. Ensure your wedding photography business gets off to a flyer with the best camera for you. Click here to read about What Should a Photographer Wear to A Wedding? – Best Tips For 2022.

9 Reasons Weddings Need to Have a Photo Booth

9 Reasons Weddings Need to Have a Photo Booth

You’ve been reading wedding photography tips and have found how popular photo booths have become. While you mightn’t be too sure about a photo booth, it can be a smart idea. It doesn’t have to replace a traditional photographer but be a nice addition to the party. Remember, everyone is going to be taking selfies and group shots, but how many of them will you actually see? With a photo booth, you can get more memories of your big day. So, what are the top reasons why your wedding needs to have a photo booth?

The Top 9 Reasons to Rent a Wedding Photo Booth

  1. It’s Fun
  2. It Makes for Great Entertainment
  3. Guests Can Create Personalized Photo Books for Themselves and The Happy Couple
  4. Chance To Capture Some Special Photos of The Big Day
  5. A Great Alternative to Dancing
  6. People Always Love to Take a Selfie
  7. A Great Social Aspect
  8. A Unique Experience
  9. Print Out Photos for Guests

Whenever you read wedding photography reviews, you’ll notice how much fun they’re had with a photo booth. It’s a fantastic idea because it’s versatile, new, exciting, and gives more reserved guests, the opportunity to take a photo when they’re ready to do so. Photo booths are unique at a wedding but can be a nice aspect, to say the least.

9 Reasons Weddings Need to Have a Photo Booth

A Chance to Get Everyone Involved                     

Let’s be honest, when you have a large-scale wedding, you can find it tough to get a moment to speak to every guest. Sometimes, you miss a few out in the wedding photos. It’s a disappointment because you want memories of them at your wedding. With a photo booth, you give guests – who are shy, reserved, or just don’t like their photos being taken – the opportunity to have one done when they’re comfortable. It’s a great way to make everyone feel included. There is no pressure of having to use the booth but it’s there, nonetheless. When you’re looking for wedding photography tips, you may want to consider photo booths.

Do Photo Booths Cost a Lot of Money?

It’s easy to think a photo booth is a big investment for one day and that it’s going to eat into the wedding budget a great deal. In one way, it can be a hefty investment; however, you don’t need to buy the booth, you just need to rent it for the day. That can be far less expensive than you think. You can look for wedding photography reviews online and find a rental booth that’s good value for money.

Photo Booths Are a Modern Trend

There is more after wedding parties incorporating photo booths because they’re convenient, smart, and versatile. It gets every guest involved and there is a great social aspect too. Of course, you don’t need to buy the booth, just rent it for a few hours. It’s a nice way to get a photo of the entire wedding party at their leisure. When you’re searching for some wedding photography tips, you might want to consider a photo booth for the day. You can also read about 5 Best Cameras for Wedding Photography In 2022: Shooting the Big Day by clicking here.

5 Essential Photography Accessories When Shooting a Wedding

5 Essential Photography Accessories When Shooting a Wedding

Every newcomer wants to find some wedding photography tips to help improve their chances of success. It’s understandable because while you might know the basics of taking a great photograph, you might not have all the essential accessories. As a photographer, you know – or should know – how crucial quality cameras and lenses are. Unfortunately, accessories can be put to the back of your mind. It’s not as uncommon as you think; your primary focus is on the camera, not on the accessories. Sometimes, you don’t even think accessories are necessary. So, what 5 essential photography accessories are you likely to need for a wedding?

A Tripod

Sometimes, tripods are overlooked simply because photographers believe they have a steady enough hand. Well, it isn’t about how steady your hands can be. It’s about making life easier for yourself – along with taking a killer photo. Remember, you need to take group shots of the wedding party; you want to be able to set the camera on top of the tripod, direct the wedding party, and take a good photo. It’s easier with a tripod and is an essential accessory for any wedding photography business today too.

5 Essential Photography Accessories When Shooting a Wedding

Spare Memory Cards

One of the best wedding photography tips you’ll ever find is always to carry a spare memory card on the big day. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you have – or how big a storage capacity the card has – it’s essential to carry spares. What happens if you suddenly run out halfway through the wedding? That doesn’t look professional and is more likely to cause a few negative remarks too. In business, you always have to be ready, and photographers should always carry spare memory cards with them, regardless of how grand the occasion may be.

A Quality Flash

Flashes are often the last accessory photographers think of and yet, they are crucial on the big day. A flash ensures the subject has the right amount of light exposure, otherwise you can spend hours trying to fix the contrast during the editing phase. Instead, invest in quality flashes so that your job is made easier. If you want to make your wedding photography business a success, you really should consider buying a flash.

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

You probably don’t think batteries matter as long as you have a set for your camera on the big day. Well, batteries can fail, and you don’t want that to happen at the wedding. You can miss out on a lot of precious moments while you are hunting for new batteries. So, be prepared and always carry a spare set – or several. It’s one of the simplest wedding photography tips you’ll find today.

A Light Diffuser

Artificial lights are everywhere, and they may create shadows that spoil your photograph. Professionals always carry a light diffuser so that they can diffuse the light and create a fantastic image. Any wedding photography business should consider investing in a light diffuser. It is a great way to create quality photos with less effort too.

Be Prepared for Any Photo Opportunity

Wedding photos are a precious memory for millions of couples and families. They can be moments that are treasured for the rest of their lives, and while some will have more than one wedding, most plan on the one. It’s essential for those photographs to be special and memorable – for the right reasons. Investing in a few accessories can be a smart idea to enhance the business and create quality photos. You can read thousands of wedding photography tips and they’ll all say how crucial a photographer’s accessories are, so invest wisely in them. Visit https://brettloveselle.com/9-reasons-weddings-need-to-have-a-photo-booth/ to read about 9 Reasons Weddings Need to Have a Photo Booth.

How To Start a Wedding Photography Business?

How To Start a Wedding Photography Business?

You love the idea of a wedding photography business but are not sure where to start. It’s not overly difficult to start a business, but of course, it takes time to establish yourself in the industry. You not only need to create a great business model but find a way to attract a constant stream of clients. Having one client a week or month isn’t going to keep the money rolling in – unless your prices are outlandish – so it’s crucial to get the business off on the right foot. So, how can you start a photography business that specializes in weddings?

Know the Local Demand for Wedding Photographers

While you don’t have to exclusively stick to weddings or ceremonial events, if that’s your niche, you need to ensure there is a market for it. For instance, you live in a small town and there are already three other established wedding photographers in the area. While you could focus on local trade, you might have to go further afield to find success. Even a few local events can help you establish positive wedding photography reviews online; however, you might need to go further to see the bulk of your work orders.

Consider the Financial Costs

You have the prospect of establishing a popular wedding photography business, but you also need to think about the initial start-up costs. For example, you need to buy high-quality digital cameras, computers, and editing software to ensure clients are happy with the photos they receive. You, however, may also need to create a website, advertisements, and marketing. So, you need to know how far your current finances will stretch. It might be your dream to have a storefront or gallery too, however, you need to do the sums to ensure that’s viable.

How To Start a Wedding Photography Business?

Once you have your website up and running – and have purchased the necessary equipment – it’s time to spread the word. Advertisement can be powerful for any business because it lets people know who you are and what services you can provide. This is the time to bring in a few new clients and establish some positive wedding photography reviews too. The more news you can generate online, the greater potential for attracting clients. Of course, it takes time to establish and market a business; however, there are also lots of ways to help your business along. You could advertise online, start a wedding blog, and build a strong portfolio.

Push Forward to Success

Having a successful photography business takes a lot of hard work. You need to build on your skills, invest in your equipment, and ensure you market yourself to spread the word. It’s also necessary to build a following and to even branch out to other areas until your mainstream clients are weddings and ceremonial events. You probably will find it all a bit scary, but once you create a plan of action, it can be far less imposing. You can create a successful wedding photography business; it does take time, but the hard work can be worth it. Read about 5 Essential Photography Accessories When Shooting a Wedding by visiting https://brettloveselle.com/5-essential-photography-accessories-when-shooting-a-wedding/

Basic Knowledge for Wedding Photography Business

Basic Knowledge for Wedding Photography Business

Every newbie is searching for wedding photography tips to enhance their business – or get theirs off the ground. It’s a tough industry; there are newcomers every second of the day, and new photographic techniques. It’s hard to keep up with it all. The industry moves fast and it’s easy to get swept up in the craze. Starting out takes courage, skill with a camera, and a little know-how. So, what basic knowledge or information do you need to know to get your photography business off to a flyer?

Invest in Quality Equipment

It’s easy to say any camera can take a decent photo – but – weddings are special. Couples don’t just want any old photo they could take themselves; they want a high-quality, special photo of their day. Couples want to have treasured memories of their big day as most have intentions of having one in their lifetime and want it perfect. Despite what you might think, a photo taken on an average camera might not yield the desired results. That is why you have to invest in your wedding photography business and buy quality equipment. This means software to edit and put together an album, along with a quality digital camera, lenses, and more.

Basic Knowledge for Wedding Photography Business

Know Your Audience

You might want to photograph celebrity or high-society weddings, but when you’re a newbie, you aren’t likely to be chosen. Remember, you don’t have a reputation in the industry, you’re a newcomer, and there are other professionals with the history to back their prices. That doesn’t mean to say one day you can’t reach those heights but when you’re starting out, it’s unlikely. Instead, you need to focus on your current and immediate target audience. When you want wedding photography tips to get your business off the ground, you need to identify the audience.

Establish Your Portfolio and Market at Every Opportunity

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or new to the game, you are starting up a wedding photography business. It’s new to the local scene and that means you aren’t established. Yes, you have experience, however, your business doesn’t. So, you need to create a portfolio and market your business. Partner up with local vendors so that they recommend you to new clients organizing a wedding and you do the same for them. This is a basic element you need to know about when it comes to creating a business. You have to showcase a portfolio so that when clients come to your door, they are impressed with what they see.

The Unknown

When you have a photography business and you specialize in weddings, the potential is endless. You could start out with small local weddings before making your way to the big leagues. It’s unknown but exciting. That is why it’s important to know the basics of wedding photography and starting up a business. You not only need to have a great set of skills but showcase your talents in the right manner. Creating a wedding photography business is hard work but can be well worth it when you establish yourself as a professional photographer in the community.

Essential Equipment for Wedding Photographers

Essential Equipment for Wedding Photographers

You’ve done your homework and now know what it takes to start up a wedding photography business from scratch. It’s an exciting time because it’s a new adventure and a new chapter in your life. Of course, it’s also a scary time too as there is always something to learn. One of the worst elements for photographers has to be equipped. It’s easy to get a bit lost – or even confused – over what essential equipment you need as a photographer. Some newcomers just believe a camera, steady hand, and computer is enough; however, that’s not quite the case. So, what essential equipment do wedding photographers need?

A Back-Up Camera

Everyone knows how important it is to have a high-quality, digital camera. If you want to make it in the wedding game, this is what you need – it’s your bread and butter. Unfortunately, you also need to have a backup camera in tow. A lot of people don’t think about backup cameras; however, anything can happen to them. You could drop it, lose it, or someone could steal it. That’s a major headache and could prevent you from completing a wedding. That means negative wedding photography reviews which won’t help your business any. Instead, always have a spare (and take it when you go on any assignment).

A Variety of Lenses

This is where a lot of newcomers fail. You have telephoto, wide-angle, prime, and many more types of lenses, and it’s easy to get confused. Sometimes, you just don’t know what is necessary. While some lenses probably aren’t necessary for the wedding photography business, it’s good to have them. Having a good range of lenses can ensure you are ready for any eventuality and shows just how professional you are.

Essential Equipment for Wedding Photographers

Spare Batteries and Memory Cards

You should know how important it is your main camera has a quality memory card with the capacity to hold several thousand photos. Well, you can’t just rely on the same memory card all the time. You might want to keep separate cards for separate events or at least until you’ve backed them up on a hard drive and sent the photos to the clients. Regardless of how you work, it’s essential to always have spare memory cards and batteries. If you want great wedding photography reviews, you’ll always carry a spare. When the batteries unexpected die on you or your car runs out of space, you have spares to carry on.


Whether you’re going to take many group shots or otherwise, it’s good to have a tripod with you. Tripods are essential pieces of equipment because they’re convenient, easy to use, and can enjoy a great wedding photo too. You can stand back, get a nice steady group shot that’ll leave the bride and groom happy. In the wedding photography business, tripods are a necessity. You shouldn’t forget this piece of equipment.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

It’s difficult to know every little piece of essential photography equipment. There are dozens of items that could, potentially, be essential. It’s impossible to list them all because what you class as essential, isn’t as much for another photographer. The truth is that being prepared for any disruption or problem is essential. Sometimes you need to carry extra lighting with you because the venue doesn’t offer sufficient lighting for quality photos. You only want the best wedding photography reviews left too, so you have to be prepared for all eventualities.

Best Harnesses and Straps for Wedding Photographers

Best Harnesses and Straps for Wedding Photographers

Everyone knows how important wedding photography reviews can be to kick-start your business. You focus on such things because it’ll help attract more clients and build a reputation. It’s a necessity of photography; however, equipment is just as important as reviews left by clients. It’s essential to be kitted out so that your job is made easier but also, create the best wedding photographs possible. Harnesses and straps might not initially be an important accessory for you, but they could make your task so much simpler. So, what are a few of the best harnesses or straps for wedding photography?

The Black Rapid Harness

You have probably seen press photographers with similar models, but the Black Rapid harness is one of the more impressive accessories wedding photographers can have today. It spreads the camera weight evenly across the shoulder areas, creating less stress on the upper body. Cameras can hang at your side attached securely to the harness straps. It’s fully adjustable and a secure way to easily – and quickly – access your cameras. Your wedding photography business can benefit from this harness because it makes your job easier.

The Spider Pro Camera Holster

If you want great wedding photography reviews, the Spider Pro camera holster might just help you along. It’s comfortable, durable, and very secure, ensuring you can access your cameras as and when needed. It’s a great option for professionals, especially during a larger wedding event or party. You can keep your dual or single camera system within an arm’s reach and manoeuvre seamlessly. One of the best things about this camera harness is that it gives freedom of movement. You can squat, crouch, sit, or take any pose you like and still not be restricted. It’s a nice little holster to consider, to say the least.

The Sun-Sniper Double Plus Harness

Creating a quality wedding photography business isn’t easy, but this Sun-Sniper DPH – Double Plus Harness is one of the better accessories you can choose. It allows you to hold three cameras at one time and is totally secure. Steel wire has been used to reinforce the strap, so it is reliable and durable. This is a harness fit for professionals and you’ll see just how convenient it can be for your business too. It’s affordable and very useful for busy or overcrowded wedding ceremonies. You’ll be able to switch effortlessly between cameras too.

Are Harnesses Necessary?

A lot of newbies don’t think they need camera straps or harnesses; it’s totally understandable. You’re a photographer and you don’t want to be weighed down with a raft of straps or harnesses. Accessories, however, could make your job somewhat simpler. For instance, a harness can hold two or three cameras at one time and that means they’re all within easy reach. When you need or want to move on to the next, it’s there, ready to be used. You don’t have to set it up and waste a good photo opp. That’s how you gain great wedding photography reviews – by being prepared and snapping every possible moment.

Buy the Best

Straps and harnesses can be as versatile as you need them to be however, it’s essential you find the best for you. It’s important to note that you don’t always have to buy the most expensive, as long as it’s able to do what you need it to. So, take your time to find a photography strap or harness that fits into your business and style of photography. Your wedding photography business can have a greater chance of succeeding with the right accessories, so find the right harness for you.

9 Tips for Capturing the Big Day

9 Tips for Capturing the Big Day

You don’t need wedding photography tips to know how important your job is as a photographer. It isn’t just about capturing special moments on camera, but ensuring the happy couple has long-lasting memories they can always treasure. While photographs aren’t the most important aspect of the day, they can be a crucial reminder many years down the line. That is why so many couples want to capture those precious memories on film. So, what tips can help you capture those special moments and create a wedding to remember?

Have Different Lens for Different Types of Photos

You’re in the wedding photography business and should be a consummate professional. While you might not think it’s necessary to take several camera lenses with you, it’s a necessity. Different lenses can capture different types of photos. You want to have several so that you can capture the big day right. Remember, it’s about leaving clients happy and giving them special moments, so they treasure them forever.

Capture Intimate Moments

There are special moments in the wedding ceremony and afterparty photographers do not want to miss. For instance, the kiss at the altar and the first dance as a married couple – those are the moments you must photograph because those are elements to be treasured forever. It’s the same with the bride’s first dance with her father. When you’re searching for wedding photography tips, you cannot get any better than capturing those intimate moments.

Snap Pre-Wedding Photos

Whether you’ve been specifically requested for pre-wedding photos or otherwise, it’s good to turn up a little early and take a few candid shots. This ensures you have a complete picture of the day. It’s also a time where you could capture emotional moments before the bride and her parents or the groom and his family. It’s great for your wedding photography business too because you give the couple something extra.  

Bring An Assistant Along

Just because a wedding tends to be on a smaller scale, that doesn’t mean to say you can capture the big day in full. Having an assistant with you could help ensure the day goes off without a hitch. For example, you have 250 guests at a wedding. The bride and groom have specifically requested family photos at the church, along with guest photos at the venue. Having an assistant could make it easier to capture all the photos. If you’re looking for wedding photography tips, always have an assistant, even if it’s just to set up for group shots. It helps make your task easier.

Get a List of the Immediate Wedding Party and Required Photos

Most couples want to have pictures of themselves with the immediate wedding party, such as best men, bridesmaids, parents of the happy couple, and a few close family members. Knowing who should be in those photos is crucial. It’ll ensure the right people are in the right photos and ensure the happy couple doesn’t have any to complain about. A wedding photography business can be impacted negatively when a couple isn’t happy. If you, however, have a list of the type of photos required and of the immediate wedding party, you can avoid leaving an important member out.

Bring Spares

It’s necessary to have extra batteries, stands, memory cards, and more when you are at a wedding. You want the day to be perfect and running out of power halfway through is terrible. Your business will suffer, and the wedding party won’t be happy. So, one of the best wedding photography tips you’ll ever learn – always bring spares. Spare lenses, spare batteries, memory cards, and straps; are crucial items.

Take a Subtle Approach to Camera-Shy Guests

It’s not everyone who enjoys having their photograph taken. It’s not everyone who laps up the limelight either. So, it’s necessary to be a little more subtle about how you go about getting camera-shy guests on film. For instance, you’re mulling in the background, and you notice one guest (who is a little more reserved,) talking naturally to a friend across the room. This is the perfect moment to strap on the zoom lens and take their photo. It’s non-intrusive and natural. It’s also great for your wedding photography business. It shows you’re able to get the job done, even when a few people don’t want the camera thrust into their faces.

Scout the Venue Before the Wedding

You want to know which spots offer the best lighting, which angles create better contrast, and where the best photos can be taken. It’s crucial to visit the wedding venue ahead of time and scout the location. You might not think it’s necessary, however, it can yield excellent results. This is one of the best wedding photography tips you’ll ever find. It’s about knowing the location to capture great photos.

Never Be in the Photos

While not all photographers will think about taking a selfie and throwing it into the photo album, some newbies still do. The happy couple might like you and the work you do; however, this is their big day – not yours. They don’t want to see your picture in their photo album. Remember, you don’t know them, not outside the work you do, and some couples mightn’t be impressed by the addition. It may also reflect poorly on the wedding photography business too. Instead, keep your face out of the photos – unless the couple specifically requests you in them.

Show Your Skills

Anyone can point and shoot a camera; however, it takes real skill to create a special moment on film. It’s about getting the lighting and angles right, along with the subject being natural. Not everyone can be a great photographer; but when you know a few tips for capturing the big day on film, it might make it easier. Get to know the above wedding photography tips and enjoy your time as a photographer.

How to Market Your Wedding Photography Business in 2022

How to Market Your Wedding Photography Business in 2022

It’s crucial to market your wedding photography business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult since there are dozens of other photographers within the area and all look as professional as you. It’s also difficult when you’re new to the industry. Of course, with good marketing, you could easily create a steady flow of traffic (including repeat customers and recommendations). It’s easy to get lost in the marketing world, especially when you have little experience of it; fortunately, there are many simple ways to market effectively. So, how to market your photography business?

Start With Social Media Ads

There are dozens of social media platforms, and you could quite easily post a few ads on them. Whether you gain hundreds of prospective clients each month or a dozen, ads can genuinely be a great source of marketing. You can post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other major social media platform you can think of. These are just as important for your business as wedding photography reviews. It’s crucial to market via social media because ads can attract new clients far and beyond.

Create a website

There is no greater form of advertising (or marketing) than a website. You can create a small website that showcases your talents. The site could list the type of services you provide, costs, and even a few sample photos of previous events. It’s a great way to market and gain new clients. Any wedding photography business needs a website to promote it and attract clients who need your services.

Work with Local Wedding Vendors

Typically, weddings have photographers, caterers, DJs, and more, and that gives you ample opportunity to get recommendations. For example, when someone inquires about your services, you could also recommend a local DJ and them vice versa. Working alongside other vendors could really help you market to a wider audience, especially to those who haven’t already got a photographer (or thought about one). It’s a great way for them to search for your services and if they find positive wedding photography reviews, they may want to hire you. That’s why it’s great to work with other vendors as they’ll help market your services.

Use Sample Albums and Business Cards

It’s important people see your talents – before they hire you. Sometimes, prospective brides and grooms want to know what you can do before they put down a deposit and book you for an event. Having a sample photo album – from a past wedding event – could enable you to market your services to a wider audience. Of course, you need permission to use the photos; however, they can be so effective for your wedding photography business. It’s the same with business cards. These can be given out at your studio.

How to Market Your Wedding Photography Business in 2022

Market To Get Clients

Without marketing, it can be difficult to obtain new clients. Remember, those planning a wedding have lots of services to hire, and if you don’t stand out from the crowd – or market well enough – you’ll be passed by. So, it’s crucial to do what you can to market your business. It isn’t just about handing out business cards or creating ads online but having a website to show your services as well. You can’t also forget about wedding photography reviews and how they could draw in more people too. Visit https://brettloveselle.com/9-tips-for-capturing-the-big-day/ to read about 9 Tips for Capturing the Big Day.