9 Tips for Capturing the Big Day

You don’t need wedding photography tips to know how important your job is as a photographer. It isn’t just about capturing special moments on camera, but ensuring the happy couple has long-lasting memories they can always treasure. While photographs aren’t the most important aspect of the day, they can be a crucial reminder many years down the line. That is why so many couples want to capture those precious memories on film. So, what tips can help you capture those special moments and create a wedding to remember?

Have Different Lens for Different Types of Photos

You’re in the wedding photography business and should be a consummate professional. While you might not think it’s necessary to take several camera lenses with you, it’s a necessity. Different lenses can capture different types of photos. You want to have several so that you can capture the big day right. Remember, it’s about leaving clients happy and giving them special moments, so they treasure them forever.

Capture Intimate Moments

There are special moments in the wedding ceremony and afterparty photographers do not want to miss. For instance, the kiss at the altar and the first dance as a married couple – those are the moments you must photograph because those are elements to be treasured forever. It’s the same with the bride’s first dance with her father. When you’re searching for wedding photography tips, you cannot get any better than capturing those intimate moments.

Snap Pre-Wedding Photos

Whether you’ve been specifically requested for pre-wedding photos or otherwise, it’s good to turn up a little early and take a few candid shots. This ensures you have a complete picture of the day. It’s also a time where you could capture emotional moments before the bride and her parents or the groom and his family. It’s great for your wedding photography business too because you give the couple something extra.  

Bring An Assistant Along

Just because a wedding tends to be on a smaller scale, that doesn’t mean to say you can capture the big day in full. Having an assistant with you could help ensure the day goes off without a hitch. For example, you have 250 guests at a wedding. The bride and groom have specifically requested family photos at the church, along with guest photos at the venue. Having an assistant could make it easier to capture all the photos. If you’re looking for wedding photography tips, always have an assistant, even if it’s just to set up for group shots. It helps make your task easier.

Get a List of the Immediate Wedding Party and Required Photos

Most couples want to have pictures of themselves with the immediate wedding party, such as best men, bridesmaids, parents of the happy couple, and a few close family members. Knowing who should be in those photos is crucial. It’ll ensure the right people are in the right photos and ensure the happy couple doesn’t have any to complain about. A wedding photography business can be impacted negatively when a couple isn’t happy. If you, however, have a list of the type of photos required and of the immediate wedding party, you can avoid leaving an important member out.

Bring Spares

It’s necessary to have extra batteries, stands, memory cards, and more when you are at a wedding. You want the day to be perfect and running out of power halfway through is terrible. Your business will suffer, and the wedding party won’t be happy. So, one of the best wedding photography tips you’ll ever learn – always bring spares. Spare lenses, spare batteries, memory cards, and straps; are crucial items.

Take a Subtle Approach to Camera-Shy Guests

It’s not everyone who enjoys having their photograph taken. It’s not everyone who laps up the limelight either. So, it’s necessary to be a little more subtle about how you go about getting camera-shy guests on film. For instance, you’re mulling in the background, and you notice one guest (who is a little more reserved,) talking naturally to a friend across the room. This is the perfect moment to strap on the zoom lens and take their photo. It’s non-intrusive and natural. It’s also great for your wedding photography business. It shows you’re able to get the job done, even when a few people don’t want the camera thrust into their faces.

Scout the Venue Before the Wedding

You want to know which spots offer the best lighting, which angles create better contrast, and where the best photos can be taken. It’s crucial to visit the wedding venue ahead of time and scout the location. You might not think it’s necessary, however, it can yield excellent results. This is one of the best wedding photography tips you’ll ever find. It’s about knowing the location to capture great photos.

Never Be in the Photos

While not all photographers will think about taking a selfie and throwing it into the photo album, some newbies still do. The happy couple might like you and the work you do; however, this is their big day – not yours. They don’t want to see your picture in their photo album. Remember, you don’t know them, not outside the work you do, and some couples mightn’t be impressed by the addition. It may also reflect poorly on the wedding photography business too. Instead, keep your face out of the photos – unless the couple specifically requests you in them.

Show Your Skills

Anyone can point and shoot a camera; however, it takes real skill to create a special moment on film. It’s about getting the lighting and angles right, along with the subject being natural. Not everyone can be a great photographer; but when you know a few tips for capturing the big day on film, it might make it easier. Get to know the above wedding photography tips and enjoy your time as a photographer.